Our products are not  tested on animals and are environmentally friendly

  Our Soaps

  • Vegan: They only have vegetable oils,vegetal butters and natural produts like clays and mineral micas as cololorants. They are almost all of our soaps, with the exception of those which contain goat milk, donkey milk, honey and bee wax.

  • Palm Free: Contains vegetable oils with the exception of palm oil,  to prevent deforestation, preserving the Orangutan habitat and the sustanability of our planet . 

  • When we use palm oil in our soaps it is always sustanable sourced.

  • Goats Milk Soap : Contain vegetable oils and goats milk.

  • Pure Olive oil: The only oil used is Olive oil

  • Olive oil and bee wax.

  •  Donky Milk Soap: Vgetables oils and donkey milk

  • Extra nutrive: Luxurious nourishing and regenerating soaps They have vegetable oils, butters and clays to moisturize,clean and purify.

  • Acnee Soaps: Charcoal soap,green clay soap and sulfur soap

  • Scrub soap: With Himalaya salt, sea salt,grounded coffe,poppy seeds,coloidal oatmeal,cranberry seeds, almond ...

  We use luxurious vegetal oils like virgin olive oil,coconut oil,jojoba,soya,sweet almond,weat germ,avocado,rice bran oil,castor oil,hemp seed oil, grapessed oil... and vegetable butters like cocoa,shea,ilipe,mango,avocado buter.


Same soaps are unscented,others have essencial oils or premium fragance antialergic certified. Most of our soaps are scented with pure essencial oils.


Each of our soaps are handmade with the cold precess method,it is necessary 3 to 5 weeks to cure them before they ready to be packed.

Our soaps will not dry out your skin like plenty of commercialized soaps that are manufactured in a greater scale and those of which are stripped of glycerin to be later sold for the production of creams and lotions (way more lucrative), and chemical additives for drying and the conservation and preservation of the scents that dry out and harm our skin and our health. In the handmade production of soaps, the glycerin is created in the process of the saponification that is made through the chemical reaction between the oils and alkaline element that is sodium hydroxide, (without which it is not possible to make soap). All of the glycerin remains within the soap.  After the drying and healing process, this alkaline element is completely eliminated and neutralized, not anymore being found in the final product  (soap).


The handmade soaps by Juicy Soaps are indicated for all skin types, for the body and the face, even for babies, and some even significantly aid in treatment of skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, acne and sensitive and allergic skin.


Just like nature presents a marvelous pallet of colors, some of our soaps are also colored with natural dyes such as: cinnamon, paprika, cocoa, saffron, ginger, turmeric herbal infusions, clays, mineral pigments and natural oxides.