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  Rua do Poço Novo nº 205 A 2750-464 Cascais


Centro histórico de Cascais, próximo da Igreja dos Navegantes


So, I decided to enter a course of cold process soap and natural cosmetic in  Huddersfield,

England because the process was not so simple as to make glycerin soaps.

I was so pleased with my soaps that become addicted to soaping.I wanted to try new combinations and new blends.  I had so many soaps that i started to give some to friends and family.  They all love them and told me that i should sart to sell them.

That's what i've done four years ago.First step was to licence the prodution unit and next to make notifications to CPNP CIAV and INFARMED.

After selling in markets and craft fairs, in the beginning of 2015 I decided to open  my own shop in Cascais, Portugal, not only with our brand but also as a gift shop with portuguese ceramics,crafts,souvenirs and home decor.


 Juicy Soaps is a portuguese  trademark .

Owner of Juicy Soaps: Maria Gomes



It all started a few years ago as an hobby and also due to a need. I began by reading labels that came with the packaging of shower gels and soaps and I verified the enormous amount of additives, chemicals and preservatives added to marketed toiletries. Even those sold at a higher price  in Pharmacies,due to being supposed pure vegetables, after a more thorough analysis of the ingredients, showed it wasn’t exactly like  who sold these claimed. 

In the beggining  I started making glycerin soaps. Was not very pleased with the result. Most of the glycerin bases have SLS,SLES,or other chemical sufactant,otherwise the soaps no not make bubbles to lather.